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Undrawing II - The Journey Continues

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UNDRAWING is an observational approach to figure drawing the leverages our innate sense of spatial geometry.

Taped live on May 7th, 2022 in Brooklyn, NY, with additional content added later, this workshop focuses more on how to see the relationship between landmarks on the body. With dozens of examples and side-by-side practice poses, following these lessons will improve your ability to see, which is the core of drawing accurately.

Its two main components are:

  • Using simple marks to define form
  • Seeing relationships with triangulation

Undrawing I, also available here, introduced the concepts and provided exercises to improve students' mastery of the materials.

Undrawing II is a deeper dive into the use of triangulation to quickly and accurately capture form.

This workshop is divided into two videos - which may be streamed or downloaded:

Part 1: Triangulation

  • Brief intro and Undrawing I recap
  • Short warm-up pose
  • The concept of triangulation
  • Demos of triangulation from the model, with narrative.
  • Practice poses, split-screen with my drawings

Part 2: Exercises

Various methods to improve your use of triangulation

  • Quartering your page - demos and practice poses
  • Mirroring - demos and practice poses
  • Scribbling - demos and practice poses


  • Cool-down pose - same pose as the warm-up, so you can compare your progress over the course of the workshop
  • Undrawing II students share their work

The live sound recording is pretty good, this time, so nothing was overdubbed in post-production.

This workshop was created and led by Alex Alford of Just Draw the Boots - @AlexDrawsLife - in collaboration with Ed Velandria of Brooklyn Figure Drawing - @BrooklynFigureDrawing. Our model/muse is the wonderful Hannah. All rights reserved.

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Undrawing II - The Journey Continues

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